Economic growth probably 6.6% in April.

China's GDP probably grew at 6.6% in April, according to my GDP tracker.  The service sector grew at 7.6%, and the industrial sector at 5.9%.  Data was slow across the board, from production to consumption.  This number will probably get worse before it gets better, due to the time lag between the RRR cut monetary stimulus and its lagged effect on a broad growth boost.

The industrial sector is still slowing significantly. Crude steel production is still declining, and electricity output weak, indicating that heavy industry is still one of the primary drags on broad growth.  Construction related material production, like plate glass and cement, continues to decline.

Real retail sales were much slower than trend, indicating that household consumption was not spared in the broad slowdown. Services also weakened slightly according to my service sector GDP tracker.  

Housing sales were just about the only good data point out of the April number release, growing at 7.6% YoY after some significant declines.  This is possibly a result of the rolling back of housing restrictions, such as lowering the mortgage down payment requirements.